Steve is the ultimate Renaissance Man. He currently serves as Director, Media & Entertainment, Siemens and is Section Manager for the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE). He is a Visiting Lecturer at the USC Marshall School of Business. He earned a Primetime Emmy Award and holds seven US patents. Steve is a screenwriter and film producer. We are very pleased to have him as an adviser and director when FlixPik is funded.

Management by Objectives has suffered the indignity of becoming a management fad, popular in the 1960s and 1970s because of the writings of Peter Drucker in his series of management texts, and then replaced by later 'flavor of the month' management theories. That is unfortunate. MBO is nothing more than basic management - planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling - where the leading function is planning. Simply determine where you want to be and work back to what you will need to do to get there. The keys to an effective management system is having capable managers in place, accountability for results achieved, and periodic operations review. MBO principles apply to any organization. But, most particularly, to operations where real profit accountability can be exercised at lower management levels as in Flixpik.

Sal Lacurto

Gary Bird, PR Director

Will Watkins and Shelly Glasser will serve as line producers for our first two films and on subsequent productions. Each has over twenty years film production experience in over fifteen feature films and television movies. One of Will's references told us "he brings a film in on time, on budget, and people like working with him" which is a good summary of what we expect from our line producers. Shelly is a University of Texas graduate and we will use her for liaison with the UT Film School if we are able to headquarter in Austin.

Gary is our Public Relations Director. Before forming his agency, Forty Three Public Relations, he served as vice president of a large Silicon Valley technology public relations firm where he conducted campaigns for Cisco Systems among others. At Forty Three, Gary managed campaigns for Slacker, Smith Micro, and Qualcomm. He and Jonathan, together and separately, have  launched several successful internet startups. 

Hemant Elhence, IT Director

Bryan Lewis, Ex Producer

Tim is our founder and will serve as CEO and Board Chairman. He is a long time business executive having served as Product/ Marketing Manager, Assistant to the President, Director of Plans, Division Manager, and Vice President of companies in the oil field service, aircraft manufacturing, and telephone equipment manufacturing industries. He is a serial entrepreneur having founded and managed two technical ventures in polyurethane manufacturing and telecommunications equipment installation. Tim finished his career as a management consultant where he completed over thirty projects.               

As Director of Plans, Tim joined an oil field service company as it transitioned to a Management by Objectives structure. He wrote and administered the implementing procedures. The company grew from $15 million to over $600 million annual sales in twelve years under the MBO system. As result of his experience, Tim became an adherent and expert in MBO application. He has written a management text, Startup Management Primer, to be published when FlixPik is funded and will be used as a training aid for company management in implementing FlixPik's MBO management system.

Tim Murray, CEO

Moshood Animashaun

Assistant to the President

Moshood works as Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Coordinator for Albasma Nigeria Limited, an independent contractor for Total Nigeria, PlC.  He is a graduate of the University of Lagos, Akoka with a BS in Electronical/Electronics Technology. Moshood seeks to bring viable ventures to Africa and came to our attention as someone who can help expand FlixPik operations to Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa. He will serve as an Assistant to the President and assist in launching FlixPik in Austin.

Steve Wong

Sal is a cable television veteran who currently serves as Senior VP Development & Original Series at Fuse TV. Earlier, he served as VP Programming, Rave HD; Senior VP Marketing, WireBreak Entertainment; VP Marketing, Warner Brothers; and VP Music Programming at MTV. He was a media consultant to Rainbow Networks, Zap2it.com, and Universal Studios. Sal adds considerably to our entertainment management experience as an adviser to FlixPik and director when we are funded.

 Krishan Kant Upadhyay

Assistant to the President

Hemant will serve as our IT Manager. After a successful career with ECMI, i2 Technologies, and McKinsey & Company, he founded Synerzip Corporation, an Indian/American company to provide software and IT support to small and mid-sized technical companies. Hemant is a specialist in Agile Software which allows new and evolving companies to adapt their software and IT needs as they grow.

Jonathan Sasse,

Marketing Director

Bryan will serve as our executive producer, a position for which he is well qualified. He started his career working for 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers in their set design departments. His film production experience includes feature films, movies of the week, Fox Sports, talk shows, and sitcoms. In 2000, Bryan founded Three Springs Productions. He has produced and directed music videos, television projects, and film shorts. In 2003, Bryan produced and directed the feature film Loco Love which had a national theater release. Loco Love won three awards at the High Definition Film Festival including Best Feature Film, Best Direction, and Best Cinematography.

Matt is a top Hollywood lawyer, deal maker, and adviser with forward thinking organizations including Pluto TV, Mobile Roadie, Live Matrix, Egal, Yari Film Group, and others. We are pleased to have Matt on our team as attorney and adviser.

Matt Bilinsky, Attorney & Adviser


Management by Objectives

Krishan Kant Updadhyay is a Mumbai based, Indian resident. He has twelve year background and accomplishments in e-commerce, social media marketing, digital media, online content strategy, search engine marketing and revenue expansion. For Flixpik LLC, Krishan will serve as Assistant to the President where he will provide liaison for our member development and IT support groups. We project India as our first step out and Krishan will head funding and organization of our Indian subsidiary.

Hear Tim Murray's Thirty Minute Radio Interview

Jonathan is our Marketing Director and has an outstanding record of creating a website and rapidly bringing new members to the website. He launched Slacker, a digital internet music website. During four years as head of marketing, Jonathan increased iRiver revenues over 100%. He initiated partnerships with brand and category leaders SONY, Microsoft, Blackberry, and MTV Networks. Based on his success in launching new products and websites, Jonathan currently serves as a consultant to startup and early stage companies.

Before the Dot Com Bust (2000), investors placed primary emphasis on a venture's management. They will again when the panic following the Subprime Mortgage Panic (2008) dissipates. The basic question posed by investors is 'can management achieve their objectives?'

FlixPik's operations are broken down as follows:

                                                                           Film Production - development of our films, shorts, and web based productions.

                                                                           Member Development - bringing and retaining members to our website.

                                                                           IT Support - web design and maintenance, server support, database management

                                                                           Administration - overall direction, coordination, and support for company operations.

We have experienced and accomplished managers in each key skill area. These are:






For our venture to be successful, several key things must be accomplished. These are:

1. Maintaining an active and growing member base: That will be a responsibility of every manager and employee of our company to do whatever is needed to keep our members interested and committed to working with us in producing audio/ visual entertainment they like.

2. Quality entertainment productions: Critics will be quick to dismiss 'crowdsourced' films. It is our ongoing responsibility to work our process of finding the best script, director, cast, and music for quality film, short, and web based productions.

3. Responsive: For a startup and, particularly an industry changing venture, we must expect the unexpected. Try new things and drop what doesn't work. We will be guided by our members.

Good managers like working under MBO and being accountable for results. It is a decentralized, hands off system where each manager agrees on a set of objectives and plans and is free to achieve them. We will establish a series of weekly, monthly, and quarterly reviews that are more detailed with time elapsed. In our review meetings, we will go over objectives and plan steps and take corrective action as necessary to get back on plan or alter plan if need be.

In an MBO system, emphasis is on results achieved which is how each manager and key employee will be graded. In that regard, following a settling in period, we will establish monetary and stock option incentives which are earned by meeting and exceeding objectives.

One of the pleasures of starting a new business is having a clean slate on day one. More than any other single factor, companies succeed and fail by the company culture they establish. With FlixPik, we will start with a defined company company culture gathered from the experience of successful companies in conducting their business.

Film studios were the prototype of a virtual company. We get a script, hire a director and cast, and engage crew as needed while filming. When the film is completed, everyone goes home - the definition of a virtual company. What is left is a skeleton organization needed to maintain continuity of our business. We are, in essence, a project management company where our projects turn into entertainment products and our line producers are the project managers. And each project has its own plan of studio and location filming and editing to finish with salable downloads, dvds, and streaming.

We also have marketing, distribution, technical, and administrative arms that must function properly. It is a team effort which puts our managers in the position of being individually accountable for achievement of his or her goals and, at the same time, supportive of the management team as a whole. It is something seasoned managers can do well and we have experienced and accomplished managers going in. It is our challenge to come together as an effective team.

Shelly Glasser, Line Producer