When we launch our company website, we must start with a script. Bryan Lewis suggests we start with a thriller, a popular genre, for our first film.  We need a script. Bryan has one he has kept for several years and likes. But, if we find a better script, we will use it. This is the only script that will go through an informal selection. Starting with the second script, we will screen every script through our selection process. The second film is a comedy and subsequent films will be in all popular genres. But, we have no interest in erotic or slasher films or scripts.


Tim Murray, our President, is a novel writer, a good writer who won best fiction award from his publisher for the first book of the Memoirs of a Texan series but not great. He has decided to use his novels as an initial 'Mendoza Line' for script submissions. Those of you not familiar with American baseball terms, and that may be most of you, Mario Mendoza was a shortstop whose batting average was .200. His batting average was taken as the threshold for a position player to advance to Major League Baseball.

In other words, submitted scripts should be better written than Tim's novels to be considered for our first film. We will come up with better standards once we are funded and operational.

We will hire a Script Editor who will gather scripts from as many as possible. These will include writing schools, writing clubs, and professional script writers. We will contact leading writers and ask them to submit scripts derived from their novels. We want to set the bar very high for our scripts. Every great film starts with a great script and that is what we want for each of our films starting with the first.

Going in, every script will be treated the same. When we are funded, we will include a formal procedure for script submission on our website. But, for now, submit you script as an attachment to an email to: tim.murray@makeafilm.net.

In your submital, include your name, email address, and genre of your script - thriller, comedy, action/ adventure, family, ... Develop an interesting story with captivating characters, crisp dialog, and action to keep the story moving and maintain viewer interest.

We will produce films in all popular genres. Your script will automatically be entered when the film genre comes up.

All you have to do is be the best. But don't start spending the prize money yet. We are not funded until we reach $25 million.we