New Concept

No one has done what we seek to accomplish. We will be the first fully participative audio/ visual entertainment company.

What does 'Fully Participative' mean?

We are adherents to the principles of wikinomics first described in James Surowiecki's 2005 seminal book, The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many are Smarter than the Few and how Collective Wisdom Shapes Business, Economies, Societies, and  Nations. Surowiecki cites many examples where collective judgment proved superior to expert decisions. Derivative wikinomics texts suggest film making as a good application of collective judgment. But, to date, no one has done it.

Participative film making at FlixPik

Our members select the script, director, and cast for each production.

Every script and audition we receive will be treated the same. Member volunteers screen initial applicants to come down to a top three or four which are voted by our members at large.

Members are encouraged to submit scripts, auditions, and music to us for consideration in our productions. As a member you will be competing with other members and professionals. Our selection criterion is simple. We want the best regardless of source. To get the best, we will treat every applicant alike. Knowing someone at FlixPik, having an agent, bloodlines, and even prior experience have no bearing on the selection process. Our objective, with every production, is to be the best ever and we can only have top entertainment by finding the best script, director, and cast available for each project and that is our ultimate goal.

Think about it

How many of us have wanted to be on the 'big screen' in a leading role? About everyone. But most of us do not act on it, just a unfulfilled desire. Some of us are writers and would like to see our stories animated in film. Some have songs and background music to enhance an entertainment production. Some are intrigued with movie costuming, sets, locales, ...

FlixPik is your unique opportunity to show your gift to the world. If you have a 'winning' script, can creatively tell a story with dialog and visual images, are 'right' for an acting part, want to suggest makeup, costumes, sets, film locations, ... just join as a member, it costs nothing and takes little time. And then submit as often as you want.

Writers will particularly love us. $100,000 for a winning script. With one new film per month in the  popular genres, we have neither the time nor inclination to revise a script before filming. For actors and directors, each new film is like an open audition. And it does not matter where you live. Initial films will be in English, but, as soon as we can, we will expand into all major language markets with films in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese. ... to provide audio/ visual entertainment to our members in their native language and culture.